David Mensing Workshop

DAVID MENSING WORKSHOP | Friday June 3, 2016

JoAnn's Iris Gardens
JoAnn’s Iris Gardens

JoAnn’s Iris Gardens

1325 N. Hesse Ln. Eagle, Idaho

10:00 am – 4:00 pm

KEY PRINCIPLES FOR FINE PAINTING ON-LOCATION  Discovering and applying dynamic tools for maximum growth as an Artist

SUMMARY: Join David Mensing for ‘KEY PRINCIPLES FOR FINE PAINTING ON LOCATION,’ an exciting and insightful study of dynamic principles behind successful painting on-location.  You will participate in group instruction and demonstrations and you will receive personal attention and critique.  At the conclusion of the workshop, you will have new tools and a new outlook to take your paintings to the next level.

OVERVIEW: There are innumerable principles that influence the creation of fine art.  Even a lifetime of study and practice is insufficient to master every aspect of drawing and painting.  As a result, every Artist must be resolved to learn and grow with the creation of each painting.

Attention to certain key principles of painting can accelerate growth.  Even modest growth in these areas can have profound impact on overall quality of work.  An Artist of any skill level that develops a deeper appreciation and understanding of key principles such as value, intensities, composition and light temperature is poised to make significant improvement in their work.

The overall emphasis of the workshop will be a focus on the principles of painting, particularly those that can have the most impact on quality of work and improvement of the Artist.  The workshop will begin with an overview of painting fundamentals followed by personal and group instruction, targeted to the individual students in attendance.

The material will be of benefit to students of all skill levels.

FEE: $50 per student for the one-day workshop.  TVAA Members receive a $20 discount. Not a Treasure Valley Artist Alliance member? Sign up here


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David Mensing
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